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What Are The Busbar Types?
- Sep 22, 2017 -

1. Dense insulated socket Busbar (CMC). Its moistureproof, heat dissipation effect is poor. In the aspect of Moistureproof, the busbar is easy to damp and seepage during construction, resulting in the decrease of interphase insulation resistance.
2. High-strength closed Busbar (CFW). Its process manufacturing is not limited by the plate, the shell into the form of tile groove, so that the mechanical strength of busbar, busbar level can be produced to 13m long.
3. Air-plugged Busbar (BMC). Because of the connection between the busbar joints with copper sheet soft transition, in the south of the humid weather, joints easily produce oxidation, the formation of joint and busbar contact bad, so that the contact is easy to heat, so rarely used in the south.
4. Pouring busbar originated from Belgium, Taiwan's volcanic ash (inorganic material) pouring busbar, because of its raw material volcanic rock is difficult to find, so there are individual manufacturers use epoxy pouring.

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