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The Main Composition Of The Cutting Bed
- Sep 22, 2017 -

Cutting table: Will not collide with the table to prevent cutting tool and table damage.
Tool Holder: Set on the cutting table from the edge of the drive shaft driven to the table x axis direction of movement.
Knife seat: Mounted on the tool holder, driven by the carrier shaft, as the table y-axis movement, the tool holder and knife block movement of the synthesis, so that the tool to complete a variety of curves or straight line cutting.
Operation panel: This panel has cut speed, sharpening spacing, tool holder, knife seat start or temporarily stop cutting work instruction keys, operators just follow the operation panel to walk, at any time according to the actual situation, press the corresponding instruction key.
Vacuum Suction Device: This device is connected with the suction port under the cutting table by a catheter, after the start of the table and the other cover in the fabric is not ventilated the air between the film out, the use of atmospheric pressure will compress the fabric, so that it is tightly adsorbed on the cutting table, so that between the fabric layer in the cutting will not be caused by the movement of the knife to slide, To ensure the accuracy of the slice.