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Selection Of Cable Tray Structure Type
- Sep 22, 2017 -

In the design document generally referred to as "bridge", does not indicate the specific structural characteristics. The confusion of the structure type will bring about the problem of the work on-site thermal and mechanical protection, the cable tray is commonly used in the following categories:
A. Cable tray, the concrete also divides into has the hole pallet, the hole tray and the assembly type pallet three kinds, the concrete definition may refer to China Construction Standardization Association standard "CECS31:2006 steel cable Bridge Design Code", the heat dissipation performance and the mechanical Protection Center and so on, the cable tray pallet is specially suitable for the scene nimble assembly.
b. Cable ladder, ventilation and heat dissipation performance, poor mechanical protection.
C. Trough type cable tray, poor thermal performance, but good mechanical protection, can effectively protect the external harmful liquid and dust intrusion, electromagnetic shielding effect is also good.
According to the engineering environment characteristics and technical requirements, the designers should choose the structure characteristics of the cable tray reasonably. It is clearly expressed in the model label and material table of the plan.