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Safe Operation Of Rail Flat Cars
- Sep 22, 2017 -

1. The use of rail flat cars should be in line with the main vehicle, to prevent the light rail flat car and heavy rail flat.
2. The use of rail car hook should be compatible with the main vehicle hook, otherwise the application of the trolley hook and the connecting rod (length does not exceed 1m) to connect the vehicle, and the self-locking latch lock.
3. The number of flat cars drawn by a heavy rail vehicle should not exceed the three groups, and the brake should be a type of exhaust air brake, which should stop the use of air-filled brake type flat car.
4. Should be based on the load weight of the most positive load, strictly prohibited overloading, passenger and cargo mixed.
5. Heavy goods loading should be stable, not partial load, not ultra-high, not exceeding limit, two flat cars with one piece of super long material should use bogies, and according to the loading of goods to stop the strong banding. Check the clearance of the goods.
6. Axle inspection cycle of rail flat car is 3000km-4000km.