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Maintenance Inspection Item Of Busbar
- Sep 22, 2017 -

Long-used Busbar slots are inspected at least once a year. Before maintenance, use a multimeter to measure the conductive platoon of the busbar and confirm that the busbar is not electrified. Main check the following:
(1) Check all fasteners and conductive parts of the contact has no loosening phenomenon;
(2) Check whether the insulation material has aging deterioration phenomenon and the conductive part of the melting metamorphism;
(3) Check if there is any foreign body into the busbar slot and there is no seepage phenomenon.
Find the problem to deal with in time, do not leave any hidden trouble, such as the detection of insulation breakdown phenomenon, should be phased demolition busbar or with a pressure tester section check, find out the fault point, replace the new Busbar slot, or a fresh bandage.