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How To Handle Busbar Fault?
- Sep 22, 2017 -

The Busbar Fault in the two-parent wiring should pay attention to the operation mode of Busbar protection in the process of fault handling, and the Busbar protection should be short when necessary.
When the Busbar voltage is all gone, the dispatcher should immediately open the switch (including the master switch) that may call, and notify the operation team to carry out the external inspection of the busbar.
When the Busbar slot causes the voltage to disappear and has the obvious short circuit symbol (such as the flare, the explosion sound, the smoke and so on), the operation team personnel may not resume the operation, should carry on the detailed inspection to the Busbar equipment.
Connection on the busbar component failure or because the shunt switch refused to move, resulting in a leapfrog brake to the busbar loss of voltage, should be detailed inspection, immediately the Busbar fault components isolation or open the fault shunt switch on both sides of the knife gate, quickly restore busbar operation, send out other shunt.