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Docking Of Busbar And Enclosure
- Sep 22, 2017 -

1. The request busbar and the shell should be concentric, its error must not exceed 5mm, the busbar section and the busbar section connection when the two adjacent section busbar and the busbar enclosure should be aligned, after connecting the busbar and busbar outside the mechanical stress.
2. Before the Busbar slot integral installment must do the insulation test, uses the 2500V trillion euro meter to measure between interphase, the phase shell, each function unit's insulation resistance, its insulation resistance must not be less than 20mω.
3. Installation personnel to carefully control the busbar slot system diagram, check all busbar specifications, models to avoid blind installation, resulting in rework affect the quality of construction installation.
Grounding lightning-proof Busbar installation, the beginning, middle, terminal and channel shell should be reliably connected with the grounding network of the electrical equipment, connecting to the channel of the insulating material, and should be connected with a flat copper strip or a yellow-green cable on the grounding bolt between the two channels to ensure that the whole channel is connected to a grounding system.